Corporate Events

Beauty is made by scents, flavors, colors and memories, but above all it is made by ideas. 

We eat and taste with the image in our eyes, and each proposal is a masterpiece in our mind before transforming it into a new recipe.

Our “Locanda I Girasoli” (lit. Sunflowers Inn) is an enchanted oasis among olive trees and sunflowers; it is the headquarter where the Chef creates together with his precious staff, with meticulous care and passion for the handmade inspirations, inventing every day the unusual but suitable combinations and the most effective presentations.

From our Locanda I Girasoli, all the beauty and positive you can imagine, everywhere you wish.

Our headquarter ”Locanda I Girasoli” is an old country-house dating back end 19th century, carefully renovated to keep the original structure. Surrounded by a green scenery, here we take care of the seasonality of ingredients and vegetables, and the food culture is deepened in a relentless pursuit of improvement. Because it is only by studying the connection between flavors that we come to create something magical and you can be the first to test it, as our preferred guest.

Therefore seasonality, volumes and your wishes define together the concept of each project. Either small private events or large conventions, each time we develop the most convincing and pleasurable format, and you can bear in mind that we use local and quality products.

Our “I Girasoli” Catering is at your service for:

  • Conventions
  • Company anniversaries and celebrations
  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate Family Days
  • Openings
  • New product lauches
  • Road Shows
  • Sport Events


Where? Wherever you want to organize!

The advantage of many years of experience also lies in knowing the dynamics linked to each phase of the project, actions, the specific public whom we address and the expectations to meet.

  • Congress Venues
  • Themed Parks
  • Exhibitions and Trade-Shows
  • Company headquarters and offices
  • Villas and historic buildings
  • Racetracks and Circuits
  • Disco Clubs

Leardini Group knows that being creative means having different and innovative ideas, imagining something that has no boundaries and capable of inspiring genuine and fresh astonishment. For this reason, we design unusual events, carefully studying all details, from menus, to set-ups, to entertainment proposals.

Some examples?

  • Beach Parties
  • Pic-Nic in a country-chic location under the stars
  • Disco Parties
  • Evenings Fellini’s style
  • Themed events with different dress code proposals

Why choose our “I Girasoli” Catering?

  • Several solutions and different locations for your budget optimization.
  • Over 50 years experience in hospitality.
  • Experts at your disposal to design the event from the initial briefing to its end, offering you the most comprehensive range of opportunities in the area.
  • A family brand that keep investing in research, innovation and attention to details.

Similar promises from other companies? We don’t expect to be chosen only trusting our words.

First of all we wish to welcome you in our headquarter “Locanda I Girasoli”, to introduce you to our creative laboratory, to see-first-hand the processes and how we work, so that you can try the recipes prepared from our Chefs.

With this direct experience, we intend to reassure you that you can trust us as partner for your event, keeping in mind that you tested the difference between telling and being.


Do you want to organize an event?